July 2013 – “Among Others” by Jo Walton

July’s choice is “Among Others”, which has been chosen by John – we have his assurance that there are no maths jokes in it.

The meeting takes place on Wednesday 10th July 2013, at 7.30pm in the Custom House pub on Watergate Street. New members always welcome!

Going forward, for August, Geoff has chosen “The Quantum Thief” by Hannu Rajaniemi – looks quite sciencey. In September, I am picking “Gloriana” by Michael Moorcock. I love Moorcock, but I’ve never read this one so don’t blame me if it’s not very good.

See you soon, geeks.

June 2013 – “Revelation Space” by Alastair Reynolds


Boom! Space, yeah? Planets? Spaceships?

Shoeless Jim has busted out some hard SF for our June read…

Still don’t know what the name of the book we are reading is?: “Revelation Space” by Alastair Reynolds

The Place?: The Custom House, Watergate Street, Chester

When should I turn up?: 7pm on Wednesday 12th June 2013

See you there! RENNIE has suggested “Among Others” by Jo Walton for our July meeting. My copy has just arrived this morning, and it looks great.